1. Today I did so much printing! Yesterday was the last day the final years could use the print room, so today I helped clear it out and found so many awesome coloured inks that had been left over, so did a hell of a lot of printing! So tired now.

  2. One simple and cost effective way to add special words to your centerpieces. By Lauren Saylor for Minted

  3. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    We got loads of new fabric at work and omg I could spend all my wages ahhh.

  4. Last weekend I went to Wenlock Poetry Festival with the fab Julie and the Craftevan!

    Craftevan’s a travelling craft shop and workshop space.  We make crafts related to travel and nostalgia (and in this case a specially made range of poetry jewellery!) and go to festivals, car shows, steam rallies and vintage fairs!  This year we’ll be at Sedbergh Gala, Woore Vintage, Farm Feast in the Wirral, Llangollen 1960’s weekend, Country Fest in Kendal, Vintage on the Prom in Arnside, the IMM (International Mini Meet) in Kent, Beacons and hopefully lots more! (If you have any ideas please inbox me!)

    At events we also run workshops based on up-cycling, at the poetry festival we used old poetry books to make garlands, bunting, origami and flowers.  We run lots on making up-cycled jewellery, rag rugging and lots more!

    See more pictures on our facebook page here!

  5. Last week I went to a Woolly Bike workshop at Huddersfield’s Lawrence Batley Theatre.  To coincide with the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire, project director Cassandra Kilbride is going to towns across Yorkshire running knitting and crochet workshops and decorating bikes with Yorkshire imagery.

    The Huddersfield one was based on Huddersfield’s industrial heritage, with coal mine imagery, a chimney and two adorable canal barges!  This week she’s in Scarborough creating a seaside themed bike and after that it’s Haworth, Halifax, Hebden Bridge and Sheffield.  

    Here website’s here, so if you fancy getting involved sign up and yarn away!


  7. And the winner of the competition is teenagewaste!


    (actually, the first name I pulled out was a friend of mine weirdly, but I’d give her free things anyway if she wanted them, so felt a bit cheap!)

    And talking of being cheap, here’s a link to my Etsy!

  8. nosynonymforsynonym:

    A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep.

    Welcome to Night Vale.

    I’m doing some research on Tumblr on stitching at the moment, soon I’m going to do a monthly column for Mr X Stitch and I’m really excited about it!  I want to focus on slightly rude, subversive, pop/cult culture, queer and feminist stitchery, so if you do those kind of things please let me know!

  9. fuckyeahcraft:


    I’ve just got a new line of cards on Etsy (they’ll also be tote bags and prints soon!) and to celebrate I’m gonna do a give away!

    Re-blog this to enter and have the chance to win the card, patch and print of your choice!

    (Extra entry points for following on Facebook or Etsy!)

    My Etsy shop is here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Glitterbugdoodlebean

    And facebook page here:


    Deadline 31st March!

    Just 11 days left to enter!

    Couple of hours left to enter :D


  10. Changed my page theme!

    I like it way more than the last one.  Let me know what you think!