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  2. Hand carved and painted skulls



  4. fuckyeahcraft:

    I’ve just got a new line of cards on Etsy (they’ll also be tote bags and prints soon!) and to celebrate I’m gonna do a give away!

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  5. An Embroidered repeat pattern by Aisling Smyth.
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  7. I went back down south recently for a couple of days to catch up with people and go places I don’t often get to go anymore.  I’ve lived up in the north a good while now, and more and more friends are moving away from places I used to know and have less reason to visit.

    Brighton is one of those places.  For people outside the UK, Brighton is known for being a bit bohemian and having a big LGBT population/being a day trip spot for Londoners.

    As a queer teenager I loved Brighton and wanted to move there.  Once I went to pride and spent the night clubbing then sat on the beach all night with friends watching the sun come up around a bonfire and I was in love with the place.  It was so creative and vibrant and I loved visiting.  But going back it somehow seems very unchanged, almost like it’s stuck in a late 90’s - early 2000s world of “Don’t worry be happy” smiley face posters, “No one knows I’m a lesbian” t-shirts and neon fluffy bags.  It just seems a bit worn around the edges.

    I loved Brighton’s creativity, but going there now I was shocked to find the handmade shops stocking mostly work from people I know in Yorkshire (!), Donna Wilson (who is rad, but everywhere nowadays!  And good on her!) and pseudo-handmade shabby chic things.  I walked around enjoying the place on a nostalgic level, but lamenting the lack of locally made work, which is what I love to see in cities.

    I went to Snoopers Paradise, a fantastic sprawling second hand shop full of absolutely anything you could want.  I’ve spent so many hours in that shop, but now being a northern expat, northern second hand shops are so cheap in comparison!

    I went upstairs and found where Brighton’s local creatives are hiding, Snoopers Attic!  If you’ve been to Wilderness or Secret Garden Party and enjoyed it you’ll feel right at home.  (I definitely was!  I spent last year decorating SGP and felt like I was back there!) It has that wonderfully faux-folksy, outdoorsy festival vibe of a Pinterest garden party board.  That may sound like I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not!  It’s wonderful!  It’s beautifully decorated and stocked by local highly talented designers.  There’s sustainable clothing, collars, taxidermy, terrariums, jewellery, all sorts!  All handmade, all in Brighton, and not things I’d seen before!  And it all works so well together.  Even the stairs up to it are beautifully decorated with dried flowers, bunting, the people who decorated this know what their doing.  

    I would recommend if going to Brighton you go their first, and explore the rest later!  And if you’re going to a festival this year, get your outfit here!

    More of this kind of thing please =]

    There were a few other good crafty things in Brighton, but more on that soon!

  8. Leafling Yellow Leaf Bike Pannier bag, Messenger bag

    Leafling’s Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LeaflingoOo?ref=listing-shop-header-item-count

  9. The Cloth House, Berwick Street (Soho), London.

    Berwick Street is FULL of fabric and trimmings shops, but this one is by far my favourite.  So beautifully laid out.  I wish the haberdashers I worked in looked like this, but we have far too much stock and not enough room!

    Also, who watched the Great British Sewing Bee?  I’ve not yet, so no spoilers pls =]


  10. Dear Tumblr

    I REALLY appreciate submissions, like REALLY I do, but I don’t appreciate the current trend of people just sending me a link to their Etsy page.  Sending me picture with link to your Etsy page is fine if it’s something really unique and awesome (like the tree ring chalk board someone sent me which was ACE and a few I have queued up now) with a bit of info about yourself/your practice, that is brilliant and I love it.  But just a link to your Etsy page with not much background or context is just annoying and I won’t post it.

    I also don’t have much time to blog, so definitely don’t have time to go through each and every one of the Etsy shops I’m sent links to!  Especially if it is JUST A LINK with no “Hi I’m ____ I do _____ here’s my shop”.  It’s just polite!

    Also, if you’re sending pictures of/links to your latest craft/art project, especially if it’s a craftivism/social project/art installation (ie the yarn bombing in Colchester I was recently sent) then I’ll always post it, because I love that kind of stuff, and that’s the kind of thing Tumblr wants to see.

    If you run a small business/own a craft shop/art space/are studying at uni/posting tutorials/anything like that i’d love to see your stuff too!  Please share because I think that’s brill!

    Basically, I don’t have much time to blog lately, and I really don’t want this to turn into a string of just outside links to Etsy pages.  Literally no one wants to see that, or will click it or pay any attention to it.  You all use Tumblr and it’s fairly obvious what people will like!  Plain links are not it!

    I don’t want to put people off sending me stuff.  I just would rather there was more common sense about it.

    I also am a craft blog, so if you’re sending me paintings, mass printed tshirts/anything else that isn’t craft or DIY, as much as I may like it, I won’t post it.

    Sorry, I am full of cold and my inbox is full of just links at the moment so I’m ranting.  

    Love Kim

    (and I really do love you Tumblr!  And I wish I had more time to blog)