1. The exciting job news!

    From Wednesday I’ll be working for wedding stationary company Norma & Dorothy.  They’re based in Manchester and make totally gorgeous things!  I’ll be a stationary assistant helping to make all of these beauties and I’m really, really excited!

    They’re on Etsy here!



  2. Anonymous said: Would you be able to tell me what's going on with the lanterns in the craft van pictures? I have a couple lanterns and scrap fabric but I've been too chicken to do anything- did it seem to be fabric just glued on the lantern?

    Hey!  They’re not done with fabric, but I’d say go for it =]

  3. I’ve been crap at blogging again lately, been taking a while away from the internet to work on a few things, mostly being involved with the Craftevan!  It’s a beautifully converted 1970’s caravan that my friend Julie painstakingly transformed into a travelling beauty of a craft shop and workshop space!

    Today we went to the seaside!  It was a gorgeous day and we were at Vintage on the Prom in Arnside, we had ice cream, met lovely people, and a cat came to visit, so yeah, a good day all round!

    I will start posting on here again soon!  For now if you’d like to like us on facebook that would be nice =] https://www.facebook.com/Craftevan

    Also, I got a REALLY EXCITING new job that I’m starting on Wednesday, so I’ll be writing about that soon!  It’s REALLY EXCITING and REALLY CRAFTY!


  5. Today I went to The Print Room in Keighley (West Yorkshire, uk). I’ve been following the shop online since it opened a few years ago and I’ve been meaning to go for ages, but as a non driver getting to Keighley is a bit of a nightmare!
    I finally went because sadly it’s closing tomorrow, really sadly because thus is one of the most beautiful shops I’ve ever seen! Full of beautiful hand printed things, wonderful artwork, graphics and gifts. It’s been so wonderfully decorated as well, with chalkboard walls and paper pom poms, it’s basically my dream shop! As a screenprint geek, it’s a dream.
    I strongly advise if you’re in the area you pop in tomorrow, you won’t be disappointed, it’s lovely. It’s in the Royal Arcade. Also, look up The Print Room on Facebook in case the lovely person running it does anything in the future!
    I got some lovely things, including these mugs!

  8. I’ve been meaning to make a floral crown for ages!  So here’s a fab tutorial from Blue Bird Vintage for anyone else who wants to!


  9. Today I did so much printing! Yesterday was the last day the final years could use the print room, so today I helped clear it out and found so many awesome coloured inks that had been left over, so did a hell of a lot of printing! So tired now.

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