1. Today I went to the most fabulous shop I’ve been to in a long time.  18 month old Love From Hetty and Dave is a complete gem of a shop.  The window was beautifully decorated and lured me in, and I’m glad I did.

    In the up and coming area of Pokesdown (Boscombe, Dorset, England etc) and surrounded by deli cafes and vintage shops, Love From Hetty and Dave still shines.  It’s full of the owners own fabulous creations (I got a tweed collar, it’s beautiful) and select works that she herself likes, including automata’s and resin work by her sister.

    The shop if just a visual treat.  Everywhere you look there are things that are completely unique and beautiful.  The owner, Zoe Larkins, also uses it as a studio and works away hard at the back of the shop.  Looks like the perfect life!

    If you’re in the Dorset/Hampshire/New Forest area I strongly suggest you visit!

    (Source: lovefromhettyanddave.co.uk)

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