1. Curiosity - Appliqued Library Catalog Cards (by moxiedoll77)

    This is a piece from an art exhibit I was part of in Chicago. My artwork combines many of my passions: stitching, librarianship, sustainability and a good challenge. In an attempt to reduce waste, I select unconventional library materials that might otherwise be discarded as the base, background and inspiration for my embroidered art.

    This year I attempted to use the fabric scraps I have leftover from past embroidery pieces. I picked out iconic literary figures to applique onto library catalog cards and then framed them in recycled frames. These pieces are composed of almost 100% recycled/repurposed materials.

    Curiosity is an ode to everyone’s favorite teenage sleuth, Nancy Drew. Appliqued in shades of brown and orange on Carolyn Keene catalog cards. This piece is framed in a black oval 8 x10 frame.”

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    this is the absolute cutest.
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    Curiosity - Appliqued Library Catalog Cards (by moxiedoll77) “This is a piece from an art exhibit I was part of in...
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  32. cielooooows said: That is so awesomely cool! :) Way to go! I appreciate my favourite sleuth as your design. x
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