1. So today was the first day of the convention part of Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival in Leeds, and it was my first time having a stall there!  I’ve been to Thought Bubble before and always wanted to have a pitch, but this is the first year I’ve had the time/funds to do it.  

    I’m so glad I did!  I’ve had a brilliant time!  It had a fantastic vibe to it.  I met some really wonderful people, saw some very impressive cosplay (the guy with dressed as Jake with BMO with a DIGITAL FACE was amazing) and just generally had a great laugh.  Such a nice crowd and so many friendly exhibitors!  Plus I was next to my fabulous friend Will who’s an editor for new published Borderline Press and has recently brought out Zombre: a  compilation of 20 different wonderfully unique tales of the undead.

    Really looking forward to tomorrow!  If you happen to be coming along, I’m in the Allied London Hall on table 33, and I would love to chat to you!  I’m also looking forward to having a good wander round tomorrow, I didn’t get much of a chance to today.  But during my brief wanders I’ve been eyeing up some things to buy, like a wonderful patch from Lizz Lunney, Katie Green's new graphic novel and some bits from Gemma Correll.  (and I'm sure much more.)

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