1. Just put my fancy ass bow ties up on Etsy

    Bow ties are my favourite right now =]


  2. Chaffinch hat (by teasemade)

    An absolutely gorgeous chaffinch fascinator by Sami Teasdale.

  3. Conversation marshmallow tutorial with Come on, Ilene!

  4. pillow face (by pollaz)

  6. Swamp Bogiwog (by Horrible Adorables)

  7. Screen print French bulldog patch, available on Etsy for $4!

  8. Adorable handmade characters by Evie Barrow!

    (Source: stumbleupon.com)

  9. hollydollyhearts:

    Coffee and TV Milk Carton :) The writing is a bit messy on him, but I am pleased with him over all x

    A very cute Christmas present that Hollydollyhearts made for a friend!

  10. How cute is this?!?! From Hi Tree blog!