1. hanecdote:


    'little victories' by hanecdote

    thanks for posting!!

    Hanecdote’s work is rad.  You should all take a look =]

    (via charlottecullen)

  2. A brooch I posted on Etsy recently.

    I’m flat out broke and hoping etsy may help me change this =]

  3. Bee and Chain brooch (by lovedaylemon)

  4. A girl with extra ribbon felt pins (by hanaletters)

    Gorgeous pins from Hanaletters flickr.  So many beautiful felt based pins on this flickr. Go check it out!  

  5. Cute made to order brooch on etsy!

  6. This is an awful photo, but it’s the “Everything is lovely” owl I just made, so he can wake me up with a nice happy message =]  (Because final year of uni is mega stress!)

  8. How to make this gorgeous corsage!

  9. New owl brooch listed on my Etsy!

  10. Owl I just posted on Etsy!  Brooch made from felt, fimo, knitting and buttons.

    (Source: ny-image3.etsy.com)