1. Amazing button sculptures by Miami based artist Augusto Esquivel.  Absolutely stunning stuff!


  2. Well I cleaned out my studio yesterday and unearthed a load of old supplies that I probably won’t use!

    So i’m having a MASSIVE SUPPLIES SALE/DE-STASH! Please check it out, I have clasps, jumprings, brooch pins and lots more, all are SUPER CHEAP!

  3. Handmade pins by Amy Kovac

  4. Black-hearted Bastard Brooches now available from Daisy’s Creations!

    I love these.  I got my boyfriend the Bernard Black one (and a lovely Bjork one!) for his birthday.  I had a photo of him wearing if to post, but I’ve lost it =[  She packaged everything so nicely as well, Daisy’s Creations is pretty much my favourite Etsy shop.

  5. Chaffinch hat (by teasemade)

    An absolutely gorgeous chaffinch fascinator by Sami Teasdale.

  6. Hey, Baby (Tentative Title) - Found/Collected Items on Wood

    tarynriley.com | tarynrileyart.tumblr.com

  10. Vintage Button Ring