2. Last week I went to a Woolly Bike workshop at Huddersfield’s Lawrence Batley Theatre.  To coincide with the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire, project director Cassandra Kilbride is going to towns across Yorkshire running knitting and crochet workshops and decorating bikes with Yorkshire imagery.

    The Huddersfield one was based on Huddersfield’s industrial heritage, with coal mine imagery, a chimney and two adorable canal barges!  This week she’s in Scarborough creating a seaside themed bike and after that it’s Haworth, Halifax, Hebden Bridge and Sheffield.  

    Here website’s here, so if you fancy getting involved sign up and yarn away!


  4. TINY mushroom!

  5. I’m visiting my parents for the weekend and my Mum’s crocheted these gorgeous snowflakes!  I can crochet to save my life so think these are extra amazing.

  6. Tiny crochet whale!

  7. Hand crocheted elephant statue: byBegnaud


  9. Hand crocheted deer taxidermy: byBegnaud


  10. How to Crochet a Chain Stitch

    Click on the link above for the super easy tutorial by Chelsey Crafts