1. How Ruffles and Stuff made this amazing Chuck Norris cushion from a tshirt!

  2. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    More owls!  All available on Etsy for just £17!

  3. Lovely printed textiles from Olivia Streatfeild-James.

  4. I love Portland.  I want this please.

    (via fuckyesoregon)

  5. My new Finnish uni has a little chill out area in the textile studio, with gorgeous cushions and things made by students, this is one of my favorites =]

  7. This is a picture of the first two pillows I created around the holidays last year.  The monster went to the person who wore the worst holiday sweater and the skull went to my sister as a present.

    As seen on my tumblr: ohflosew

  8. Another cute cushion from Donna Wilson =]

  9. elizabethlovatt:

    Donna Wilson Meg Cushion - John Lewis

    Every time I go to John Lewis I have to fight urges to buy this!

  10. (via bookspaperscissors)

    This is pretty damn awesome!

    God bless etsy.  Everything should have more drawing on!