1. How to make a eco-friendly super easy air freshener with The Burlap Bag!

  2. Naturally dyed easter eggs with Eco Crazy Mom!

  3. Beautiful land art by Richard Shilling.

  4. How to make your own environmentally friendly cleaning products!

  5. craftingwithaconscience:

    Finito! (by Disobedient Child)

    Amazing eco-friendly sampler.

    Pattern from radicalcrossstitch.bigcartel.com/ 

    The embroiderer who stitched this made it for a friend.  Her website can be found at: disobedientchild.wordpress.com.

  6. So I’ve made more of my zines!  They’re all about eco friendly crafts, anyone want to do a zine swap?!

  7. Updated re: zines!  For everyone who said they’d be interested in buying one, they’re meant to be left in my studio assessment space until mid January, but there’s a whole massive pile of them, so I’m considering picking them up on Monday and putting them up on either Etsy or Folksy!

    I’m pretty proud of them, they’re all about eco-friendly crafts with a whole heap of tutorials in them.  Some are hand silk screened and some are printed on, but all on paper that would have otherwise been binned!  (Because uni’s are super wasteful.)

  8. If you’re in Huddersfield or nearby you should come to this workshop!  it’s run by me and a friend and it’s going to be all free, all relaxed and most importantly, good fun!  Hope to see some of your faces there!  We’ll be making Christmas decorations, rag rugs, origami, all sorts really!  I’ll also be giving away free take away do it at home workshops in a bag and selling my eco friendly crafts zine!

  9. And how to make a t-shirt rug!  

    I’m making little books out of all my “How to ” things at the mo, so far they’re looking very cute!