1. Fabulous embroidery from Thimble and Bobbin!

    See more on their Etsy page here!


  2. This is something I meant to blog about AGES ago, but laptop breaking, moving etc etc meant I didn’t get to!

    At Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival I met Bridgeen Gillespie who creates amazing embroidered artwork under the name Cherry and Cinnamon.  I’ve been a fan of her works for ages and blogged about her.  Soon after she saw the post she sent me this, and I was so incredibly stoked, it’s amazing!

    Anyways, her work is ace.  Go have a look at:


  3. Winnie the Pooh (by RosieG Embroidery) I think Rosanna Geissler is my new favourite embroiderer.

  4. How to turn an embroidery hoop into an AMAZING sun catcher.  Perfect with the sunny weather just starting to surface.  (In England at least, and how we’ve missed it!)


  5. Embroidery Owl 8” Hoop (by RosieG Embroidery)

  6. embroidery hoop paper airplane wall art (by Montclair Made)

    Very cute!

  7. Catbug Hoops (by loveandasandwich)

    I don’t really understand…I think I’m missing a reference… but anyways, this is cute!

  8. Sailor girl. (by gemmaausten)

  10. Glimmer (Sanctuary) (by sarahhemm)