1. The exciting job news!

    From Wednesday I’ll be working for wedding stationary company Norma & Dorothy.  They’re based in Manchester and make totally gorgeous things!  I’ll be a stationary assistant helping to make all of these beauties and I’m really, really excited!

    They’re on Etsy here!


  2. I’ve just got a new line of cards on Etsy (they’ll also be tote bags and prints soon!) and to celebrate I’m gonna do a give away!

    Re-blog this to enter and have the chance to win the card, patch and print of your choice!

    (Extra entry points for following on Facebook or Etsy!)

    My Etsy shop is here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Glitterbugdoodlebean

    And facebook page here:


    Deadline 31st March!

  3. Just put my fancy ass bow ties up on Etsy

    Bow ties are my favourite right now =]


  4. I’ve been screen printing a whole loads of non-cheesy Valentine cards lately!

    Available here:


  5. Today is Small Business Saturday in the UK!

    To celebrate I’m doing a 10% discount with the code: SmallBusinessSpesh  today and tomorrow in my Etsy Shop!

    I have another 10% off deal lasting till Monday too for my tumblr followers!  Using the code: TUMBLRISACE

    To support Small Business Saturday I’ve got most of my Chirstmas presents now sorted from Crafty Praxis in Huddersfield!  Got some lovely things!


  6. Tumblr just emailed me to say I just posted my 3000th post!  Rad!  Also apparently one of my blogs turned two today!

    To celebrate that, I’m offering 10% off my Etsy listings till next Monday with the coupon code “TUMBLRISACE”

    Also, I’m having loads of fun packaging the orders I’ve had so far with old patterns, washi tape and maps :D

    My shop is here!


  7. I’ve also been screen printing Ron Swanson and Wednesday Addams themed cards and patches!  Also available on etsy!  


  8. I’ve been screen printing loads of Christmas cards lately!  Slightly alternative Die Hard, Blink-182 and Fight Club themed Christmas cards! 

    I’m selling them on Etsy here!


  9. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    One of my favourite people at Thought Bubble was the ridiculously lovely person who bought a Badass Feminist Killjoy patch off me, then said how she had some feminist stickers but she was scared of putting them on her table incase it alienated people, and after seeing my patches said she would!  The next day she came back, brought me some of her stickers then brought all of her friends over!  She was so so nice!  I couldn’t find her stall though, which sucked, there were so many stalls! 

    But point being, how ace are these stickers?!  I’ve got another one too!

    Someone also bought a badass feminist killjoy patch because they said there wasn’t enough of that at comic fairs =]

    Seriously, this person was ace! I think her name was Elisia, no idea how it’s spelt though!  
    Also, here’s the patch in question:

    It actually ended up being one of my best sellers, and I’ve just listed it up on Etsy!

    (via myfeetwontstopmoving)

  10. Some of you may know that I have a house bunny, Sir Anthony Hopkins.  He’s amazing, but also a little devil!  Many crafters may know the drama of having many handmade things and a pet set on DESTROYING EVERYTHING.  So, I made a load of patches, cards and things inspired by this!  On etsy here!