1. How to make this gorgeous and easy to make soft head board!  I’m moving house soon, I may have to give this a go…

  2. I’ve been obsessed with making bows lately, mostly for bow ties (lookin’ fancy at work!) an they’re so simple!  I keep showing people at work how to do them so I thought I’d do a tutorial.  

    It’s best if after folding you iron the folds down (but not necessary, I make them a lot on trains and stuff so don’t bother, but it helps) and if you’re using really lightweight material, but I’m lazy, and don’t bother.  

    This is great for using up scraps of material that you’ve had lying around for ages!  Some of these are fabrics I remember my Mum making cushions out of when I was a kid, and material I used for projects at A level!

    Example bow made from lovely fabric from The Little Sewing Company (Christchurch, UK).

    Made to match the skirt I made yesterday, photos to follow soon!

  3. Today my Mum taught me how to make clothes, because it has always BAFFLED me, and I want to learn.  I’ve been taking photos along the way so when I go back home I don’t forget everything.  We made a puffball skirt, and like an idiot I forgot half the instructions, but we worked it out like a jigsaw puzzle!  I’ll post the results tomorrow!

  4. Today I went to Pokesdown to do some interviews for a piece I’m writing for Crafty, hurrah!  On the way back we stopped off in The Little Sewing Company in Christchurch (Dorset, UK).  It’s a beautiful new shop, opened in the place of another sewing shop.  It’s run by Suzi, a really enthusiastic seamstress who’s passionate about teaching people how to sew.  She puts emphasis on the shop being a calm sewing retreat, using the space as a place to teach people how to sew and stocking specially chosen fabrics.

  5. Back to basics!  Classic fabric bow tutorial.

  6. Gorgeous!  From The Purl Bee.

  7. Brown playground revisited (by rRradionica)

  8. This is something I just knocked up this afternoon using a photo frame, bubble wrap, fabric, a glue gun, ribbons and buttons!  Took very little time and now I have a mini notice board!

  9. Coffeelila (by rRradionica)

  10. How to make a fabulous apron like this!