1. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    On Saturday I ran a wet felting workshop as part of my Mistress of the Crafts duties! It went pretty well and everyone who came along was super lovely and left with unique finished pieces. I got the wool tops from World of Wool just outside of Huddersfield, which is an amazing place! There’s so many different ways to wet felt, but this us how I do it: -But down a thin layer of felt tops lying vertical on a sheet of bubble wrap. -Put down a layer of horizontal felt tops. -Repeat until it looks evenly covered, maybe about 5 layers. -Spray with a soapy hot water mixture. -Put a sheet of bubble wrap on top. -Press down to encourage the water into the felt tops (felt is water resistant so it can take some persuading!) and gently massage. -Turn felt over and wet some more, massage. -After a while of soft massaging you can put more oomf in! If it dries up, put more water down. -Once it’s started to matt together roll up the whole thing (like rolling sushi! Keep it tight) and roll back and forth. -It should start to shrink. If you pinch it and fibres come off you need to massage and roll some more. If it’s well felted together, rinse out and turn it into something lovely!

  2. Captain Blackheart Brown-Deer, Faux Taxidermy - AICreatures (by Anatomically Incorrect Creatures)

  3. acorn ornaments (by lilfishstudios)

  4. textural wool stones (by lilfishstudios)

  5. Swamp Bogiwog (by Horrible Adorables)

  6. Irish Terrier (by adore62)

  7. Rosey Podo (by Horrible Adorables)

    Love this lil guy so much!

  8. Lovely cerise dinosaur (by GeorginaGiles)

  9. Mr. Mini Rabbit Deer-Stachio, Miniature Faux Taxidermy - A.I.Creatures (by Anatomically Incorrect Creatures)

  10. I currently work in a macaroon shop and have macaron shops on my mind all the time, so this is relevant   Here’s a pdf tutorial from Sweet Emma Jean to make these tasty looking felt plushes!