1. So I recently became Mistress of the Crafts for my local W.I. (for anyone outside the UK/who doesn’t know, the W.I./ Women’s Institute is a UK organisation that has a reputation for being made up of older conservative women who make jam, cakes and sing jerusalem a lot.  Recently the W.I. has had a lot of new groups spring up and has had a bit of a regeneration.  My local W.I. the Huddersfield Tea and Tarts is one of the new hip W.I. groups that does stuff like welding, making feminist zines, has lots of meet ups involving pubs and learns burlesque dancing, and it’s totally badass.) and one of my duties is running monthly W.I. Sew Crafty craft workshops.  Today’s was November Night Lights and we made these lovely things inspired by Fellow Fellows post!  To see how to make these click here!


  2. Happy days are here again (by girlsinthewoods)

    Happy mooncup stitching =]

  3. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    Today to avoid being bored at work I stitched some Destiny’s Child lyrics!  It’s the first bit of hand embroidery I’ve done in ages, so it ain’t great!  I’m gonna do a load more of these, DC were pretty empowering to me as a young teen, and listening back to them now there’s a lot of good messages, but also some just dreadful ones (ie Nasty Girl, which is basically a song FULL of slut shaming.) so I want to do a kind of “SPOT THE DIFFERENCE!” embroider lot of art pieces.  It now sits nestled between my zines!

  4. popscenesters:

    My friend Charlotte’s final year uni work mostly involves a lot of bright pink embroidery renditions of Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD cases. And still manages to be somehow more worthwhile than my degree.

    Charlotte’s work is fabulous.  The pink diamonds were falling off as well which made it really come to life.  The cloth underneath it smells of bubblegum.  Charlotte’s work is a sea of pink looking at the pink girly explosion of a new breed of feminism in the 90’s.

    (Source: xpopscenestersx)

  5. craftingwithaconscience:

    this is what a feminist crafts like (by dez_E)

    HELL YES.  I want this patch.

  6. Final spam!  

    Look at the lovely exhibition we’ve made!  Come along if you’re in Yorkshire!  It’s in the Venue at The Parish from 6, bands from 8:30.  Free!  Craft stalls!  Zine stall!  Nail painting!  Vegan food!  The Blood Bag Project!  

    It will be amazing.

  7. If you’re in Huddersfield or nearby, you should come to this tomorrow!  It’s Project: BABE’s (the fabulous art collective I’m a part of!) launch of our second Girlzone zine, this theme is Sleepovers!  There’ll also be music from Victoria Lockley and Bea Mae.  Come along!  At Coffee Evolutions from 8 =]

  8. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    Exciting new development!  I’ve joined the recently formed Project:BABE, a female Huddersfield based arts collective supporting emerging female artists.  We’ll be at Bradford’s Loosely Bound Zine Fair Next week, having the 2nd zine launch in April and an exhibition in May.  

    I’m really excited about this collective, so far there’s been nothing like this in Huddersfield and I’m really grateful to the girls for setting this up and really happy to be involved!  And you should be excited too!  Huddersfield’s art scene is generally very male based so it’s great to get some women into it and to get some feminist viewpoints out there and smash some stereotypes!

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  9. Probably a long shot…

    But I’m writing my monograph (kind of a dissertation) at the moment.  It’s all about participatory and relational art and it’s relationship and relevance to Craftivism, women in the gallery space and craft in general.

    I’d love to get an outside opinion, so would anyone like to give it a go of reading it?

    (I know its a long shot!  I’m not asking you to do my work for me, I just want some opinions and suggestions of books/artists to look at =] )