1. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    One of my favourite people at Thought Bubble was the ridiculously lovely person who bought a Badass Feminist Killjoy patch off me, then said how she had some feminist stickers but she was scared of putting them on her table incase it alienated people, and after seeing my patches said she would!  The next day she came back, brought me some of her stickers then brought all of her friends over!  She was so so nice!  I couldn’t find her stall though, which sucked, there were so many stalls! 

    But point being, how ace are these stickers?!  I’ve got another one too!

    Someone also bought a badass feminist killjoy patch because they said there wasn’t enough of that at comic fairs =]

    Seriously, this person was ace! I think her name was Elisia, no idea how it’s spelt though!  
    Also, here’s the patch in question:

    It actually ended up being one of my best sellers, and I’ve just listed it up on Etsy!

    (via myfeetwontstopmoving)

  2. Organising all of the patches I’ve done over the last week or so, oh god.  There’s so many.  Too many!  Each pile is about 10-20 high =/  This isn’t even all of them!  OH GOD TOO MANY PATCHES.

    Now I need to get them all photographed and up on Etsy.  I have given myself a job and a half.

    They’ll be up here…one day…


  3. So I recently became Mistress of the Crafts for my local W.I. (for anyone outside the UK/who doesn’t know, the W.I./ Women’s Institute is a UK organisation that has a reputation for being made up of older conservative women who make jam, cakes and sing jerusalem a lot.  Recently the W.I. has had a lot of new groups spring up and has had a bit of a regeneration.  My local W.I. the Huddersfield Tea and Tarts is one of the new hip W.I. groups that does stuff like welding, making feminist zines, has lots of meet ups involving pubs and learns burlesque dancing, and it’s totally badass.) and one of my duties is running monthly W.I. Sew Crafty craft workshops.  Today’s was November Night Lights and we made these lovely things inspired by Fellow Fellows post!  To see how to make these click here!


  4. Lisa Simpson fan club patches!  I’ve had a busy day today screen printing!  Available on Etsy here!

    Getting ready for Leeds comic convention Thought Bubble!


  5. I think Liz Lemon is just ace.  So I’ve been doing a lot of screen prints based on her!  I’m finally getting my act together and putting things on Etsy, so these will be my first listing in a good while!  Available here!


  6. If you’re in the West Yorkshire area of the UK you should get yourself to Bradford Baked Zines this week!  It’s a pop up shop run by Loosely Bound Collective.  It’s full of just amazing zines, I had a lovely bus ride home with lots of new zines to read!

    They’ve got LOADS of events going on through the week and are open till 7 every day.  

    Also, my feminist art collective, Project:BABE have our Becoming Pt. II exhibition there, exciting stuff!



  7. Uterus Embroidery Hoop Art (by Hey Paul Studios)


  8. Amazing Frida Kahlo button collage from Little Blue Boo!

    You can also watch the time lapse video of how it was done here!

  9. craftingwithaconscience:

    this is what a feminist crafts like (by dez_E)

    HELL YES.  I want this patch.

  10. project-babe:

    project:BABE invites you to our first exhibition


    an exhibition of female artists

    private view 6pm 10th May

    after party 8pm-late 10th May

    accompanied by zine library, craft, zine and vegan food stalls, riot grrrl nail designs, live music from Cyb3rnator, Esper Scout, Lora Welbeckinson, Kirsty Folan, riot grrrl party mix from Charlotte Cullen, one night only project:BABE cocktail


    Sorry that my blog has recently been me reblogging things from my Sample blog/about my fabulous art collective, but these things are my life at the mo!  Give me two weeks and I’ll be free from uni and with post things that aren’t shameless self promotion!

    But anyone in the Yorkshire area should come to this, it’s going to be amazing =]