1. Treated myself to a card rack today to take all my cards to craft fairs!

    So in love with printing right now!  Cards and patches can be found on my Etsy here!


  2. I’ve been pretty rubbish at updating this blog lately. Sorry about that!  But it’s for crafty reasons!  I currently have 2 jobs, one in a bead shop and one in a haberdashery!  As well as that I’m about to go sit in a field for a week and be on the sewing team for a festival, am doing a load of decorations for a Huddersfield based WI day in Greenhead Park in just over a week, and I’m writing a few articles for Crafty magazine.  Here’s my first actual published article ever!  All about my friends amazing Craftevan!  

    But in a few weeks things will be more chilled and I’ll get back to blogging!  But if anyone wants to submit their crafty things in the meantime I would LOVE to see them and post them up!

  3. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    I’ve been making a looooot of lampshades lately! Including a musical notes commission and a Leeds United commission.

    What I’ve been up to lately =]  I’ve been selling a whole load of these in the last week!

  4. fuckyeahcraft:

    I just got my first tattoo =] It looks all red and weird cause it’d just been done, but it didn’t hurt a bit, I love it loads.

    Here’s my own crafty tattoo!  I blogged this ages ago but wanted to follow it up the last post with my own.  I was inspired by someones lovely crafty tattoo I found on flickr and have since not been able to re-find, and gave it my own twist.  I love it, crafts are such a part of my life, and a part of the lives of my family and friends that I love more than words can say.

  5. My Mum made both me and my sister these gorgeous fingerless gloves with owl patterns on them, they’re from a pattern in the last issue of Molly Makes and are gorgeous!

  6. A shout out of love for one of my favourite craft makers, Love From Hetty and Dave.  LFH&D is a beautiful shop in Pokesdown (near Bournemouth, a haven of gorgeous cafes, hip shops and craft shops, and charity shops!) run by one very very talented lady.  Months ago I got this gorgeous handmade collar from the shop, and my parents have got me both an embroidered brooch and this utterly gorgeous bag for my birthday.  I love them so much and can’t wait to strut into work next week with my new snazzy bag!!!  Apparently my Mum’s been in the shop so much lately that the owner recognises her!

  7. Hi Tumblr folks!

    I’m running a competition on my facebook page for all my crafts for people to win an owl (either a cushion, brooch or screen printed bag, completely your choice!).  To win you just have to like my facebook page (click on the picture and a link will appear!) and share the image.  Once I hit 600 likes I’ll pick someone at random to win!

  8. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    Today i finished a vintage Rupert bear annual lampshade.  I’m proud of it!  It doesn’t give off a vast amount of light but it’s nice and ambient!  Like right now, I have the worst cold and can’t deal with bright light, so I’m in my fort with this light on and it’s bliss.  

    Also, shameless plug, my lampshades are now available on Etsy =]

  9. Some owl’s I made and sent to a friends shop to sell, they’re going on a journey =]

  10. I got the most amazing zine through the post from Nicole Harring  (Craftsanddiy).  It’s gorgeous!  And in amazing Goosebumps wrapping paper!  I love it!  I’ve been super busy but mine will be sent back to swap tomorrow!