1. Yarn Bombing (by crochetlatte)

    Some lovely lacey yarn bombing!

  2. Some yarn bombing near the Botanical Gardens in Dublin!

  3. Yarn bombing at Beacons festival in Skipton last weekend!

  4. Nice bit of yarn bombing!


    (via jbe200)

  7. In America there obsessed with painting electrical boxes and making them epic!  this ones in Boston.  I’ve seen some in Belfast too, I advise people around the UK to do the same XD


  8. This site is for those who love the art of Banksy and graffiti artists. I love (most) graffiti art, it is full of satire, emotion and topical. Yes, there are ppl out there that HATE it, with a passion. Spending LOTS of money to remove it.

    So to inspire you to not be a vandal, please…