1. Along with my local WI Tea & Tarts I decorated an event at the Lawrence Batley Theatre where I’m doing an artist residency.  It was a mega fun tropical themed “garden party” and we decorated with giant tissue paper pom poms, lace, tissue paper tassles and spray painted up-cycled tin cans.  

    I’m currently starting a new project called Waste Not Want Not Workshop, where I’ll (hopefully!) travel UK festivals, helping recycling teams and taking abandoned tents and other materials and running workshops at festivals on how to reuse them, so up-cycling has been on my mind more than normal lately!

    So I was thinking of ways that pom poms could be made using up-cycled materials, and someone incidentally gave me a load of all dress patterns at the event.  Dress patterns are easy to come by, often in charity shops and second hand markets, or if you’re luckily like me, people often give you a big stack.  I also use them to package things in Craftevan and when posting things on Etsy.  You can also use book pages if they’re really thin, old bibles work well.  (blasphemy!)

    So this is how you make them:

    1. Cut your patterns into about 18+ rectangular sheets, all the same size.

    2. Concertina fold all the sheets.

    3. Fold them all in half.

    4. Tie string or wire around the middle.

    5. Round off the ends.

    6. Pull the sheets up one by one, be careful they don’t rip! Do about 8 sheets.

    7. Turn over!

    8. Do the other half.

    Ta dah!!!!!!

    I want to try spray painting the edges to see how they look as Christmas decs, but can’t find my gold spray paint…

  2. Last week I went to a Woolly Bike workshop at Huddersfield’s Lawrence Batley Theatre.  To coincide with the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire, project director Cassandra Kilbride is going to towns across Yorkshire running knitting and crochet workshops and decorating bikes with Yorkshire imagery.

    The Huddersfield one was based on Huddersfield’s industrial heritage, with coal mine imagery, a chimney and two adorable canal barges!  This week she’s in Scarborough creating a seaside themed bike and after that it’s Haworth, Halifax, Hebden Bridge and Sheffield.  

    Here website’s here, so if you fancy getting involved sign up and yarn away!


  3. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    On Saturday I ran a wet felting workshop as part of my Mistress of the Crafts duties! It went pretty well and everyone who came along was super lovely and left with unique finished pieces. I got the wool tops from World of Wool just outside of Huddersfield, which is an amazing place! There’s so many different ways to wet felt, but this us how I do it: -But down a thin layer of felt tops lying vertical on a sheet of bubble wrap. -Put down a layer of horizontal felt tops. -Repeat until it looks evenly covered, maybe about 5 layers. -Spray with a soapy hot water mixture. -Put a sheet of bubble wrap on top. -Press down to encourage the water into the felt tops (felt is water resistant so it can take some persuading!) and gently massage. -Turn felt over and wet some more, massage. -After a while of soft massaging you can put more oomf in! If it dries up, put more water down. -Once it’s started to matt together roll up the whole thing (like rolling sushi! Keep it tight) and roll back and forth. -It should start to shrink. If you pinch it and fibres come off you need to massage and roll some more. If it’s well felted together, rinse out and turn it into something lovely!

  4. So I recently became Mistress of the Crafts for my local W.I. (for anyone outside the UK/who doesn’t know, the W.I./ Women’s Institute is a UK organisation that has a reputation for being made up of older conservative women who make jam, cakes and sing jerusalem a lot.  Recently the W.I. has had a lot of new groups spring up and has had a bit of a regeneration.  My local W.I. the Huddersfield Tea and Tarts is one of the new hip W.I. groups that does stuff like welding, making feminist zines, has lots of meet ups involving pubs and learns burlesque dancing, and it’s totally badass.) and one of my duties is running monthly W.I. Sew Crafty craft workshops.  Today’s was November Night Lights and we made these lovely things inspired by Fellow Fellows post!  To see how to make these click here!


  5. I’ve been pretty rubbish at updating this blog lately. Sorry about that!  But it’s for crafty reasons!  I currently have 2 jobs, one in a bead shop and one in a haberdashery!  As well as that I’m about to go sit in a field for a week and be on the sewing team for a festival, am doing a load of decorations for a Huddersfield based WI day in Greenhead Park in just over a week, and I’m writing a few articles for Crafty magazine.  Here’s my first actual published article ever!  All about my friends amazing Craftevan!  

    But in a few weeks things will be more chilled and I’ll get back to blogging!  But if anyone wants to submit their crafty things in the meantime I would LOVE to see them and post them up!

  6. Raconteur magazine had their rather late launch party!  What I saw of it was pretty great!  I missed a lot of the performers and bands (I managed to see Toby (Ok, Nathan.) Bradley doing an acoustic set, but missed comedy and poetry and all sorts!) but there was such a great atmosphere!  Stalls from Project:BABE, Crafty Praxis, The Blood Bag Project, Soulforge Arts and all sorts!  So many great people, nice and chilled, good job guys!

  7. At the Huddersfield Students’ Union craft and art fair tomorrow we’ll also have Urban Fox, bringing their incredible screenprinted cushions along!

  8. At tomorrows Craft and Art Fayre we’ll also have Sophie Adamson Art and Accessories.  Sophie makes fabulously morbid taxidermy and animal based accessories!

  9. Badass feminist art collective Project:BABE will be having a stall at Huddersfield Students’ Union tomorrow, full of zines and other awesome things!  Their stall will be upstairs in the SU cafe, so go check it out!

  10. At the Christmas Fayre tomorrow we’ll also have Katie May Designs with us!  She makes the most incredibly hip jewellery, and I just love it!  Come along tomorrow to get some!