1. I think It Must Be Nice To Be a Bird, run by Madeleine Belanger is currently my favourite jewellery designer (Ladybird Likes being a close second!).

    My boyfriend got me a lovely rabbit pendant last Christmas and I’m in awe of it.  My life is all about crafts, and I go to a lot of craft shops, galleries and shows and there’s always a lot of jewellery and sometimes things can seem a bit samey, still wonderful, but it’s rare I get really truly excited.  (I don’t mean to sound like a dick.  I do get excited, I do think a lot of the work I see is really well crafted, but I don’t think “I NEED TO BLOG ABOUT THIS MAKER!” often) But Madeleine’s work is really breathtaking.

    I love her style, tiny works of art.  And the drawings in each one are hand painted water colours, seriously.  Amazing.  So much amazing craftsmanship.  Her work is inspired by the Canadian landscape around her and it’s wildlife.

    My partner has said he knows what to get me for the next few Christmasses, and I may well be asking for a commission featuring my rabbit in =]

    Her blog is here: http://itmustbenicetobeabird.blogspot.com/

    And Etsy store is here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/iamabird

    All images from the artists Etsy.  And all available to buy!

  3. Meet the Inverted Mango Monster. She’s a handmade necklace that snuggles around your neck. Get one at http://tuworkshop.co/

  4. Bullet Shell Necklaces by @creeperdesigns !

  7. So here’s how to make a necklace out of t-shirt yarn! (Tutorial on how to make t-shirt yarn here)  There’s a million ways to do it of course, and many different tutorials, but this is my favourite using a flat loop manipulation braid I learnt at uni.

    Steps 4-8 can get pretty confusing!  So here’s a few diagrams I found that may make it easier to fathom!



  9. Handmade felt plush bracelet “Teddy Bear” by The Fabulous Creations of Maria Filipe