1. Meet the Inverted Mango Monster. She’s a handmade necklace that snuggles around your neck. Get one at http://tuworkshop.co/


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  10. Fish & Chip babies Send Off!

    I run a Colchester (UK) Stitch & Bitch craft group with my friend Amy Turnbull. We are sending off over 1500 collected knits from the community to Africa this week.

    We called out for knitting to help clothe babies in Africa in August 2012. Newborns in Africa (usually suffering with AIDS) are wrapped in newspaper when born to stay warm, nicknamed the ‘fish and chip babies’.

    Local knitters have been creating jumpers and hats to keep the babes warm instead. We originally thought they would receive a humble bundle to send. The final count was 26 blankets, 4 sets of booties, 783 hats, 691 jumpers and 35 sets of mittens.

    Local charity Re~Cycle have kindly agreed to add the knitting to their
    shipment of bicycles to their Salvation Army point in Malawi. The
    knits will be dropped off at their bicycle & taylor workshop, allowing the locals to pick up the jumpers and hats for the babies. Big thank you to Re~Cycle manager Derek for making this happen.

    Amy and me would like to thank everyone who has donated knitting
    over the last 6 months. It’s been fantastic how quickly the community began to knit and donate. I would received a bag a week, then a bag a day in December, til we totted up the total amount.

    “We never believed we’d receive so many. For now we are no longer taking submissions for Fish & Chip babies, and are now encouraging knitters to help make blankers for Battersea Dogs home. We may start to project again later in the year.”
    Amy Turnbull

    We run a local knitting group called ‘Stitch & Bitch’ every third
    Tuesday of the month at the Colchester based creative hub, 15 Queen
    . We collaborate with an artist once a month – which is how
    the project began. Keen crafters enjoy our themed workshops or bring along their knitting & haberdashery projects to work on with a friendly bunch of ladies and gentlemen.

    A camera has been included with the shipment we can’t wait to receive photos of the locals with the knits later in the year.