1. How to make a home made wax seal.

  2. 2punkrock4this:


    Present your favorite treasured buttons, as a letter or number.  View the How to.

    For my future sewing room

    It’s rare that I reblog, but I just LOVE THIS!!!!

  3. via ny-image1.etsy.com

    Map letters.  From Bombus on etsy.

  5. Another thing I saw in Radiance in Hebden Bridge.  Jo Heckett’s clay things are adorable!

    "If you were a fly on the wall at Jo’s studio, you would be forgiven for thinking you were at a bakery! She uses similar techniques to making biscuits – rolling out the finest porcelain clay into slabs and then using a selection of cookie cutters and templates to cut out a variety of shapes. These are then stamped with a rich array of textures using vintage stamps and found objects, before being fired in one of Jo’s kilns. They are then glazed in her favourite soft glossy colours to create a lovely mix’n’match batch of goodies."