1. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    Some of the photos me/Rob got using the lightbox I finished making today.  I highly recommend anyone making small objects/art makes one.  It didn’t take long and was well worth the effort!  It’s a tutorial from Ninth and Bird that I’ve linked to on this post.  Gonna use this little bit of kit to update my etsy soon!

  2. My inspiration comes from the landscape. I look and look, even before I grab my pencil to start sketching. Sometimes I have to go away and think about what it is I want to draw before I even start. New ideas can take years of mulling over. Once I start, that’s it. I love the creative process. It’s like being locked into another world.”

    (Source: iona-art.com)

  3. Also found at the Lightbox in the shop. 

    "hand printed metal jewellery and sculpture

    michael abbott + kim ellwood

    We work together in our studio workshop overlooking the hills to the ocean just outside St Ives in Cornwall. The light here on the north coast is always magical, the sea a bright turquoise and the landscape’s always wild.

    Hand printed figurative brooches, with themes including the garden and the sea, are made to wear, display and hopefully to bring a smile! Our one-off hand printed metal sculptures explore narrative themes loosely drawn… individual characters emerge through the process of making, using images printed onto metal and found objects to tell a new story.”

  4. My home town (Woking, UK) has very few saving graces.  One is the Lightbox, an art gallery that puts on some pretty amazing exhibitions.  At the moment is the Surrey Open Art Competition.  I really like the work of Jean Tolkovsky who is exhibiting her chicken headed piece  ’Sometimes I just feel this way.”

    In addition to my whimsical decorative work, and the occasional functional jug, I am now developing a range of figurative pieces including punks, chickens and other quirky characters.”

    (Source: surreyopenstudios.org.uk)