1. I’ve just been putting my new map prints up on Etsy!  All unique and hand screen printed on vintage atlas pages.


  2. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    Day 33: Made some garlands out of atlas pages, went to a lovely yoga session and had white russian sundays drinking games to Love Actually!

    What I’ve been up to today!

  3. What I’m up to today =]

  4. Lovely lighting idea.

  5. I finally started making my Christmas cards!

  6. Today I’m looking after my friends shop Crafty Praxis and have taken down one of her lampshades to make it gorgeous like in the tutorial I posted a few days ago.  I will post updates!

  7. This is gorgeous and I’m going to make one when I have time!

    If you want some nice really cheap vintage maps to craft with I’m selling some here!  

  8. Another map garland tutorial!  

    If you want some nice vintage maps for super super cheap to do some awesome crafts with I’m selling mine on ebay here!

  9. A brooch I posted on Etsy recently.

    I’m flat out broke and hoping etsy may help me change this =]