2. Amelie (by Cherry & Cinnamon)

    I’m very into film based embroidery and crafts at the moment!  Amelie is one of my favourite films, it’s just lovely.  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do asap!

  3. Sam Shukusky (by cristalily)

    I also re-watched Moonrise Kingdom recently, and it’s fabulous.  So here’s Sam Shukusky’s stitchy face.

  4. Pretzels by Bombastitch (by bombastitch)

    Some excellent Seinfeld cross stitch.

  5. Halloween’s coming up soon, so if you’re looking for a creepy cross stitch, here’s an Addam’s Family pattern from Etsy user YouMakeMeSewHappy!  Cute!

  6. craftingwithaconscience:

    Finito! (by Disobedient Child)

    Amazing eco-friendly sampler.

    Pattern from radicalcrossstitch.bigcartel.com/ 

    The embroiderer who stitched this made it for a friend.  Her website can be found at: disobedientchild.wordpress.com.

  7. Fuck Cancer (by Starbuck*$)


  8. cross stitch family portrait 1 (by jenny makes stuff)

    Cute cross stitch family portrait.