1. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    This weekend I went to Just So Festival with my friend Julie and her fabulous Craftevan! I’ve done a lot of volunteering at festivals in the past, and a lot of unofficial jewellery selling, but this was my first time properly selling at one, and it was fantastic!  We ran workshops, held a colouring competition (and cycled round handing out colouring things!) and just had a fab time!  It was also the Craftevan’s first full weekend festival after a lot of fab car shows, steam rallies and vintage fairs.  It’s the only festival the Craftevan will be going to this year, but hopefully next year we’ll be taking it on the road to lots of festivals, and I really cannot wait!

    It was my first time at Just So as well, and it’s adorable.  Family focused, very friendly and endlessly twee!

  2. Embroidery Owl 8” Hoop (by RosieG Embroidery)

  3. Today I am making owls!  Also this pincushion, because I’ve lost mine and it took 5 minutes to make this one, rather than the half an hour it probably would have taken to find one!

    Find out more about my owls here!

  4. (by banquopack)

    Cute embroidery!

  5. Hi Tumblr folks!

    I’m running a competition on my facebook page for all my crafts for people to win an owl (either a cushion, brooch or screen printed bag, completely your choice!).  To win you just have to like my facebook page (click on the picture and a link will appear!) and share the image.  Once I hit 600 likes I’ll pick someone at random to win!

  6. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    More owls!  All available on Etsy for just £17!

  7. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    Today I made a lot of owls!  I’m gonna make a load more in the next few days to sell on Etsy/in Bird’s yard/at some fairs I’m doing!

  8. atozofanimals:

    A little doodle of an owl for the afternoon

    Y’all should follow Kate.  She does stunning illustrations =]

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  9. I made a mobile =]  I’m proud of it!  I’m making many more at the moment!

    I’ll be displaying things like this in my degree show soooon!

    To find out more about the degree show and all the other 20 talented Textile Crafters graduating follow the Sample 12 Degree Show Blog.


    Yesterday I did a mobile workshop with Donna Wilson.  We were told to tell a story through the mobile, I chose the Owl and the Pussycat and turned an old hymn book into this!  I’m not gonna lie, I’m more proud of this thing that I made in 5 hours than anything else I’ve made this year!

  10. needle felted owlet (by vriad_lee)