1. Embroidery Owl 8” Hoop (by RosieG Embroidery)

  2. Today I am making owls!  Also this pincushion, because I’ve lost mine and it took 5 minutes to make this one, rather than the half an hour it probably would have taken to find one!

    Find out more about my owls here!

  3. My Mum made both me and my sister these gorgeous fingerless gloves with owl patterns on them, they’re from a pattern in the last issue of Molly Makes and are gorgeous!

  4. Hi Tumblr folks!

    I’m running a competition on my facebook page for all my crafts for people to win an owl (either a cushion, brooch or screen printed bag, completely your choice!).  To win you just have to like my facebook page (click on the picture and a link will appear!) and share the image.  Once I hit 600 likes I’ll pick someone at random to win!

  5. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    More owls!  All available on Etsy for just £17!

  6. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    Today I made a lot of owls!  I’m gonna make a load more in the next few days to sell on Etsy/in Bird’s yard/at some fairs I’m doing!

  7. Some owl’s I made and sent to a friends shop to sell, they’re going on a journey =]

  8. Pretty jam jars (by Miss Marple Makes)

  9. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    Generally, this is what happens every time I go on public transport.  I turn EVERYTHING into a mess and a studio space.  Today I was making owls!  

    Reblogging my personal blog!

  10. This is an awful photo, but it’s the “Everything is lovely” owl I just made, so he can wake me up with a nice happy message =]  (Because final year of uni is mega stress!)