1. Noriko Ambe’s Art Victims.  At the Manchester Art Gallery until 27th.

  2. Yuken Teruya’s Notice-Forest (Burger King) at Manchester Art Gallery’s The First Cut, the exhibition’s on for just one more week, go see it if you can!

  3. Rob Ryan’s The Map of my Entire Life , gorgeous intricate paper cut.  Currently on display in the Manchester Art Gallery in the First Cut Exhibition until 27th.

  4. Andrea Drezso’s The Day We Changed Our Life Forever (2005) in the First Cut exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery until 27th!

  5. bookspaperscissors:

    float on (by Elle)

    Fuck yes Modest Mouse!

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  6. bookspaperscissors:

    Couple on Bikes HandCut Paper Silhouette 8x10 by papercutsbyjoe

    An ideal gift for a first anniversary (traditionally made from paper)!

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