1. Fabulous free macaron coin purse pattern from Craft Passion!


  2. Halloween’s coming up soon, so if you’re looking for a creepy cross stitch, here’s an Addam’s Family pattern from Etsy user YouMakeMeSewHappy!  Cute!

  3. Catbug Hoops (by loveandasandwich)

    I don’t really understand…I think I’m missing a reference… but anyways, this is cute!

  4. TINY bunny knitting pattern from MochiMochiLand!

  5. Bow legwarmer knitting pattern available to download from Molly Makes!

  6. Make a knitted Harry Potter wand with this pattern from Ravelry!

  7. Totoro amigurumi!  Follow the link here for downloadable PDF patterns!

  8. Knit your own Ipod sweater!  The pattern is the second pattern down here.

  9. It’s chilly outside and Winter has finally set in!  (at least it has in England anyways…!) SO here’s a hat and fingerless glove knitting tutorial from Pickles!

  10. Jubilee Party (by themasonbee)

    Latest free pattern to coincide with the new look website - www.masonbee.co.uk/#/patterns/4564178071