1. Going through photos because I can’t sleep, so here’s a nice photo of my pin cushion.

  2. A girl with extra ribbon felt pins (by hanaletters)

    Gorgeous pins from Hanaletters flickr.  So many beautiful felt based pins on this flickr. Go check it out!  

  3. How to make your own mason jar sewing kit from Mumtastic.

  4. via www.designspongeonline.com

    Design Sponge shows how to make these all natural push pins!

  5. Awesome 2nd hand shop pin cushion. 

  7. More awesome pincushion!

    By Gigi Minor from Pinks & Needles on Etsy!

  8. I’m using my old laptop and looking at photos I have saved.  This is from someones etsy, sadly I don’t know which, I wanted to buy them!

  9. Want something amazing on your walls?  Here’s a link to an amazing d-i-y string art tree mural!  Click photo to see how!  


  10. These are pieces by New England metal work artist Karen Rossi.  When I went to new England with my family my mum fell in love with these things and brought 3 flying women home!  My sister has one of her charm bracelets which I covet.  Everytime I see them they make me smile, so I decided to share them!  If I see any of these when I head to New England (in a matter of days :O ) I’ll be bringing some home!

    “Karen Rossi’s metal sculptures are unique and fresh.They catch your eye from across a room and make for great conversation pieces. She creates fun, fresh characters that everyone can relate to. They make you smile - and in my business, that’s worth its weight in gold.”