2. Handmade felt plush bracelet “Teddy Bear” by The Fabulous Creations of Maria Filipe

  3. This is one of my super cute BMO plushies I have made, I still have a couple of these that are up for adoption on my Etsy page, they take a little while to make, but they are so adorable it’s completely worth it :)


  4. A tutorial on how to make a sloth out of a sock! 

  6. For more illustrations and character design http://kirstywilletteillustration.tumblr.com/

  7. karenin:

    I’ve now listed a direwolf commission spot on my Etsy - click here! As of right now I’ve only made Ghost and Grey Wind, but I can make any of the others with a few adjustments, so just ask :)


  8. Gato Pillow (by Lizette Greco)

  9. Green Amigurumi Octopus

    Handmade Found on Etsy

  10. Captain Blackheart Brown-Deer, Faux Taxidermy - AICreatures (by Anatomically Incorrect Creatures)