1. Some of you may know that I have a house bunny, Sir Anthony Hopkins.  He’s amazing, but also a little devil!  Many crafters may know the drama of having many handmade things and a pet set on DESTROYING EVERYTHING.  So, I made a load of patches, cards and things inspired by this!  On etsy here!


  2. Organising all of the patches I’ve done over the last week or so, oh god.  There’s so many.  Too many!  Each pile is about 10-20 high =/  This isn’t even all of them!  OH GOD TOO MANY PATCHES.

    Now I need to get them all photographed and up on Etsy.  I have given myself a job and a half.

    They’ll be up here…one day…


  3. I recently got a pet rabbit recently, and he’s adorable and stuff, so I’ve got a bit obsessed with rabbit accessories and things, and these are my favourites.

    First necklace is a commission from Katie May Designs, a fantastic laser cut designer.  Laser cutting is everywhere now, and her stuff still manages to be fresh, and geometrically amazingly hip.  She made another rabbit with flowers on, but I thought it’d look gorgeous with maps, so this is one she made for me with a map of Hope Cove in Devon, where I spent much of my childhood.

    The drawing is by Kate Webber Illustrations.  Kate does amazing one of drawings with so much detail, it’s really incredible.  

    The other necklace is by Gallons of Ink, I also have a tote bag with rabbits by her.  She does lovely drawings and turns them into jewellery and wearable accessories.  This one looks just like my rabbit, Sir Anthony Hopkins.  (pictured above on his 3 month birthday.)

  4. TINY bunny knitting pattern from MochiMochiLand!

  6. Sorry that there hasn’t been much activity lately on this blog, it’s thanks to this little squirt!  I got him just over a week ago, his name is Sir Anthony Hopkins and here he is “helping” me with my crafting.

  7. Mr. Mini Rabbit Deer-Stachio, Miniature Faux Taxidermy - A.I.Creatures (by Anatomically Incorrect Creatures)


  8. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    New brooch I put up on etsy!

  9. Lovely printed textiles from Olivia Streatfeild-James.

  10. Ceramic art by Masazumi Yamazaki.