1. How to make these very fancy looking draw knobs!

  2. A brooch I posted on Etsy recently.

    I’m flat out broke and hoping etsy may help me change this =]

  3. Retro look resin necklace by Glitterbugdoodlebean on Etsy.


  5. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    New brooch I put up on etsy!

  6. And on that note!  Here’s one of my resin pieces on Etsy.

  7. I’ve started using etsy!  I made some resin bits =]

  8. sampletwelve:

    Some of Helen Ritchey’s recent layering experiments with resin and PVA.  With her most recent project Helen tries to push the boundaries of what is considered textiles.

    Click here for Helen’s blog.

  9. I recently started making lots of resin necklaces!  This is one of my favorites, I may keep it =]

    (I have a facebook page with photos of allll of them, and there’s loads at the mo!  Look up “Kim’s Things”)