2. * Who’s Affraid Of The Big Bad Wolf…………………….! Suka for sure not! This lovely fabric doll is the perfect present for your little ones! If you like Suka you can find it here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ilovemadeleine

  3. Along with my local WI Tea & Tarts I decorated an event at the Lawrence Batley Theatre where I’m doing an artist residency.  It was a mega fun tropical themed “garden party” and we decorated with giant tissue paper pom poms, lace, tissue paper tassles and spray painted up-cycled tin cans.  

    I’m currently starting a new project called Waste Not Want Not Workshop, where I’ll (hopefully!) travel UK festivals, helping recycling teams and taking abandoned tents and other materials and running workshops at festivals on how to reuse them, so up-cycling has been on my mind more than normal lately!

    So I was thinking of ways that pom poms could be made using up-cycled materials, and someone incidentally gave me a load of all dress patterns at the event.  Dress patterns are easy to come by, often in charity shops and second hand markets, or if you’re luckily like me, people often give you a big stack.  I also use them to package things in Craftevan and when posting things on Etsy.  You can also use book pages if they’re really thin, old bibles work well.  (blasphemy!)

    So this is how you make them:

    1. Cut your patterns into about 18+ rectangular sheets, all the same size.

    2. Concertina fold all the sheets.

    3. Fold them all in half.

    4. Tie string or wire around the middle.

    5. Round off the ends.

    6. Pull the sheets up one by one, be careful they don’t rip! Do about 8 sheets.

    7. Turn over!

    8. Do the other half.

    Ta dah!!!!!!

    I want to try spray painting the edges to see how they look as Christmas decs, but can’t find my gold spray paint…

  4. Make a fabric silhouette using freezer paper Small World Land blog has instructions for this easy project.

  5. Meet the Inverted Mango Monster. She’s a handmade necklace that snuggles around your neck. Get one at http://tuworkshop.co/

  6. An Embroidered repeat pattern by Aisling Smyth.
    Follow her on Tumblr or Facebook

  7. Leafling Yellow Leaf Bike Pannier bag, Messenger bag

    Leafling’s Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LeaflingoOo?ref=listing-shop-header-item-count


  8. Colchester’s first Yarn Bomb

  9. This is an embroidery weaving sample I did. More can bits like it can be found on my Instagram account augustandjune 

  10. Hand embroidered, glow in the dark jaw bone patch