1. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    Day 33: Made some garlands out of atlas pages, went to a lovely yoga session and had white russian sundays drinking games to Love Actually!

    What I’ve been up to today!

  2. What I’m up to today =]

  3. Winnie the Pooh (by RosieG Embroidery) I think Rosanna Geissler is my new favourite embroiderer.

  4. Quadrinho em bastidor para espaço craft (by Fio de Ouro)

  5. Textile porn!

  6. Sewing happiness table!

  7. Gorgeous stitched sewing machine by Margarita Cabrera.

  8. Look at this stunning sewing machine!  My Finnish friend lent it to me, so now I get to play on it and make some bags for my assessment this week :D