1. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    Been working on done mega twee things lately!

    My latest!

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    'little victories' by hanecdote

    thanks for posting!!

    Hanecdote’s work is rad.  You should all take a look =]

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  4. This is something I meant to blog about AGES ago, but laptop breaking, moving etc etc meant I didn’t get to!

    At Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival I met Bridgeen Gillespie who creates amazing embroidered artwork under the name Cherry and Cinnamon.  I’ve been a fan of her works for ages and blogged about her.  Soon after she saw the post she sent me this, and I was so incredibly stoked, it’s amazing!

    Anyways, her work is ace.  Go have a look at:


  5. I’ve been offline for a while and not blogging, firstly my laptop broke and took a while to get fixed, then I moved house over Christmas…smart idea!  But now I’m settled in my new place and back to blogging!

    Today I went to Manchester for a day out and went to Manchester suburb, Chorlton for Stitched Up’s new HQ opening day!  

    I met the lovely folks of Stitched Up at Just So festival last summer (we were running workshops along side each other) and loved their ethos.  They’re a collective of eco-minded stitchers who want to promote sustainable fashion to a wider audience.  In their own words:

    Our name reflects the way we feel the fashion industry treats us, its workers and its shoppers.

    Our workshops, clothes swaps and events encourage people to upcycle, create and stitch - empowering,enlightening and engaging people of all ages and backgrounds.”

    In their new HQ they have sewing machines you can rent out by the hour if you don’t have access to your own (and if you want some experienced seamstresses about to advise you if you’re new to it!).  They also run loads of workshops, sewing machine driving tests, crafternoons, up-cycling workshops and loads more as well as selling a range of carefully chosen up-cycled clothes, handmade goods and fabrics.  Definitely worth a visit and keeping an eye on.

    Find more about Stitched Up here:


    And on facebook here:


  6. One of my favourite stalls today was the embroidered illustration Cherry and Cinnamon run by Bridgeen Gillespie.  I’ve seen her work before online and believe I’ve blogged about it before so was really pleasantly surprised to see her there!  Her work is absolutely stunning and really stood out!  I got a lovely card of her work to put up in my new craft room.  Check out her blog for more of her fab work.


  7. DIY fox scarf from Pretty Prudent!

  8. Amelie (by Cherry & Cinnamon)

    I’m very into film based embroidery and crafts at the moment!  Amelie is one of my favourite films, it’s just lovely.  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do asap!

  9. Sam Shukusky (by cristalily)

    I also re-watched Moonrise Kingdom recently, and it’s fabulous.  So here’s Sam Shukusky’s stitchy face.

  10. Pretzels by Bombastitch (by bombastitch)

    Some excellent Seinfeld cross stitch.