1. Fabulous embroidery from Thimble and Bobbin!

    See more on their Etsy page here!


  2. DIY fox scarf from Pretty Prudent!

  3. Amelie (by Cherry & Cinnamon)

    I’m very into film based embroidery and crafts at the moment!  Amelie is one of my favourite films, it’s just lovely.  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do asap!

  4. How to make these amazing reusable grocery bags from old grocery bags with MADE!  I love this idea so much.  And I have so many bags in my house (despite very rarely taking them at the shops, they still somehow build up!) that I may have to spend a day doing this one day (if I ever get a day off work!)

  5. Happy days are here again (by girlsinthewoods)

    Happy mooncup stitching =]

  6. rain bo (by J 0 2 e)

  8. Fantastic cross stitch tattoo found on Mr X Stitch!

  9. How to make a fabulous apron like this!

  10. Lovely basic embroidery tips for beginners from Flamingo Toes!