2. So here’s how to make a necklace out of t-shirt yarn! (Tutorial on how to make t-shirt yarn here)  There’s a million ways to do it of course, and many different tutorials, but this is my favourite using a flat loop manipulation braid I learnt at uni.

    Steps 4-8 can get pretty confusing!  So here’s a few diagrams I found that may make it easier to fathom!



  3. How to make T-shirt yarn, step by step.  Next post I’ll show you how to turn it into a necklace!

  4. How to make this using crepe paper!

  5. This is made from toilet rolls.  How amazing is that??!?!?  Find out how with this amazing post from Made2Style.

  6. How to make these gorgeous vases with jars, bottles, spray paint and polymer clay!

  7. How to make these ace newspaper party hat, would be cute for Christmas!

    There’s loads of other lovely newspaper tutorials on this page too!

  8. DIY fox scarf from Pretty Prudent!

  9. brush hooks (by Dominic Wilcox)

    How to make these amazing paintbrush hooks!

  10. How to Tie-Dye paper with SHAVING FOAM!