1. project-babe:

    project:BABE invites you to our first exhibition


    an exhibition of female artists

    private view 6pm 10th May

    after party 8pm-late 10th May

    accompanied by zine library, craft, zine and vegan food stalls, riot grrrl nail designs, live music from Cyb3rnator, Esper Scout, Lora Welbeckinson, Kirsty Folan, riot grrrl party mix from Charlotte Cullen, one night only project:BABE cocktail


    Sorry that my blog has recently been me reblogging things from my Sample blog/about my fabulous art collective, but these things are my life at the mo! ¬†Give me two weeks and I’ll be free from uni and with post things that aren’t shameless self promotion!

    But anyone in the Yorkshire area should come to this, it’s going to be amazing =]