1. A few pictures from Beacons! Words to follow when I’m not on a shudders bus.

  2. Got a bit carried away and made a whole load of pom poms! 

    Tutorial here.


  3. The exciting job news!

    From Wednesday I’ll be working for wedding stationary company Norma & Dorothy.  They’re based in Manchester and make totally gorgeous things!  I’ll be a stationary assistant helping to make all of these beauties and I’m really, really excited!

    They’re on Etsy here!


  4. I’ve been crap at blogging again lately, been taking a while away from the internet to work on a few things, mostly being involved with the Craftevan!  It’s a beautifully converted 1970’s caravan that my friend Julie painstakingly transformed into a travelling beauty of a craft shop and workshop space!

    Today we went to the seaside!  It was a gorgeous day and we were at Vintage on the Prom in Arnside, we had ice cream, met lovely people, and a cat came to visit, so yeah, a good day all round!

    I will start posting on here again soon!  For now if you’d like to like us on facebook that would be nice =] https://www.facebook.com/Craftevan

    Also, I got a REALLY EXCITING new job that I’m starting on Wednesday, so I’ll be writing about that soon!  It’s REALLY EXCITING and REALLY CRAFTY!

  6. Last weekend I went to Wenlock Poetry Festival with the fab Julie and the Craftevan!

    Craftevan’s a travelling craft shop and workshop space.  We make crafts related to travel and nostalgia (and in this case a specially made range of poetry jewellery!) and go to festivals, car shows, steam rallies and vintage fairs!  This year we’ll be at Sedbergh Gala, Woore Vintage, Farm Feast in the Wirral, Llangollen 1960’s weekend, Country Fest in Kendal, Vintage on the Prom in Arnside, the IMM (International Mini Meet) in Kent, Beacons and hopefully lots more! (If you have any ideas please inbox me!)

    At events we also run workshops based on up-cycling, at the poetry festival we used old poetry books to make garlands, bunting, origami and flowers.  We run lots on making up-cycled jewellery, rag rugging and lots more!

    See more pictures on our facebook page here!

  7. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    (more details…)

    Today I’ve been in the print room making non-sickening Valentines cards, it’s been a good day!

    I also took some stock to this BEAUTIFUL shop in Slaithwaite (just outside Huddersfield, West Yorkshire), the Emporium to sell in their and new online shop Felt Mountain Studios which will be launched this Saturday.  It’s a treasure trove of amazing things and I got a mini suitcase for a bargain price!  It’s a shop run by volunteers with a gallery, handmade section, haberdashery section and vintage.  If you’re in the area, it’s well worth a visit.  Slaitwaite also has amazing charity shops!

  8. These toy sewing machines are so cute!  I used to have a little black one with flowers on.


  9. The latest issue of Crafty Magazine is out (and looking gorgeous!  Lots of fab Christmas projects!) and I have an article in it!  All about Bournemouth’s vintage suburb, Pokesdown.  Exciting!

  10. myfeetwontstopmoving:

    This weekend I went to Just So Festival with my friend Julie and her fabulous Craftevan! I’ve done a lot of volunteering at festivals in the past, and a lot of unofficial jewellery selling, but this was my first time properly selling at one, and it was fantastic!  We ran workshops, held a colouring competition (and cycled round handing out colouring things!) and just had a fab time!  It was also the Craftevan’s first full weekend festival after a lot of fab car shows, steam rallies and vintage fairs.  It’s the only festival the Craftevan will be going to this year, but hopefully next year we’ll be taking it on the road to lots of festivals, and I really cannot wait!

    It was my first time at Just So as well, and it’s adorable.  Family focused, very friendly and endlessly twee!