1. Tiny crochet whale!

  2. Yarn Bombed (by RhubarbPatch)

    Some lovely cheerful yarn bombing!

  3. Lovely Easter Egg yarn wreath from The Sweet Survival.

  4. Yarn Love from Family Chic.


  6. Take a walk on the knitting side

    Hélène Magnusson knits a lopi sweater while hiking in the Icelandic mountains! Read more about her hiking and knitting tours in Iceland.


    I love this.  When I went to Iceland I met a load of Americans/Canadians on the knitting tour, it sounded incredible!

  7. Awesome knitted world from the Knitting and Stitching Shows facebook page.

  8. A few days ago the wool fairies attacked my uni!  Everyone got excited.  (University of Huddersfield)

  9. Tasty textiles in a posh London fabric shop!